Update Interview with Author, Eno Sohl

Update Interview with Author, Eno Sohl

We again catch up with author, Eno Sohl, as she has an interesting new book consisting of two short stories that were inspired by dreams. Her book is titled “Scintillating, Ominous Notes”… If that’s not an EaRiE name for a book, we don’t know what is. Be sure to check out the first interview we did with Eno Sohl also in the EaRiEWords section. 3…2…1… Here we go!


Eno Sohl, it’s been awhile since our last interview, and we’re happy to have you back for another interview. This gives us a chance to ask the questions we didn’t get around to asking last time around. The first of those questions is this: What does your name, Eno Sohl, mean?

Eno Sohl: Hello again EaRiE Core. Know that I am very thankful for this second interview. And now for the answer to the million dollar question… (Lol) Eno is the word “one” backwards and Sohl is the pronunciation of the word “soul”. One soul, Eno Sohl. The inspiration for this pseudonym came from one of my capricious late night thoughts.


Do you do anything in your normal daily routine to gather new ideas for new material? (Walks in the park, coffee shops, people watching, etc.)

Eno Sohl: No, and in this way I have trouble seeing myself as an author. My idea of a true author is someone who is constantly looking for new ideas to start their next novel. As for me, I tend to stay very relaxed until something sparks my interest. There are many things in life that occur every day that are unique enough to write a book about, but I work well on impulses. It’s all about the anxious feelings I have for an idea that help me thrive.


How has living in the lively State of New York helped your writing?

Eno Sohl: Well, I didn’t become an author until I moved to New York so there’s your answer. (Lol) All jokes aside, living in New York has expanded my mind on many levels. Ultimately I was inspired to publish by another New York author that was once special to me. Though I don’t owe my ambition to the state I live in, I will say that a job I had in New York sparked the idea for The Fifth One. I can still remember the day the idea came to me.


With “Scintillating, Ominous Notes”, one of the most interesting things I noticed about it was that you said the stories were inspired by dreams. Can you talk a bit about how you went from a dream to a written book and the process that went along with that?

Eno Sohl: The dream I had prior to writing Yellow Flowers (the first short story of Scintillating) was more of an impulse that forced me to gather my thoughts for an idea for a short story. I talk about this briefly in the beginning of Scintillating also. The dream I had before I wrote A Minor Façade (the second short story) was more of a blueprint. With the second one, I only needed to write what I had seen and add a few details. The process was very simple whereas writing The Fifth One took much longer because it relied only on my thoughts. A Minor Façade wrote itself.


What was your favorite thing about writing “Scintillating, Ominous Notes”? Your least favorite thing?

Eno Sohl: Creating the twist for Yellow Flowers was very exciting and writing the twist for A Minor Façade were my two most favorite things about this second book. My least favorite thing would have to be not putting the stories out sooner. Once I have the idea, or dreams in this case, I always become increasingly anxious to share it.


How does your writing style in your second book differ from your first book, “The Fifth One”?

Eno Sohl: There isn’t much of a noticeable style difference but I will say that the readers may experience a heightened sinister feeling as they imagine the characters in the stories compared to The Fifth One.


How do you feel you’ve evolved as an author since “The Fifth One”?

Eno Sohl: I’m definitely more aware of how my readers view me as an author. Before I published, no one was able to officially see this creative side of me but now I think the readers may feel closer to me. It’s like listening to music. When you listen to an artist’s voice, you feel you know them no matter what they’re singing about. Of course there are songs that may not relate to you personally but you still feel as though you know a part of them. Other than that, I am inspiring others to publish their work and I am forever grateful for that.


What is the funniest thing you’ve heard from a reader/fan of your works?

Eno Sohl: Usually I will get the jokes asking when I am going to add them in one of my books.


You get 5 adjectives to describe Eno Sohl… What are they?

Eno Sohl: Capricious, sinister, subtle, beautiful and mysterious.


What’s coming up next from Eno Sohl? What are you up to nowadays?

Eno Sohl: I am currently in the process of writing my next book that will be entitled Deciduous December. This one will be about my life from 2010 to present. The decision I’m trying to make is whether to make this a fictional story based on true events or to leave my experiences undiluted. There are pros and cons for each of those options as well as writing from a different side of me. Delving a little deeper, Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston is my most favorite book of all time. The idea of me writing a book that can even be minutely compared to it is something my mind can’t even begin to fathom but I am setting my goals exceptionally high because my life experiences are very, very important and precious to me and they deserve the absolute best from my imagination. No less.


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