We have a chat with Chris, Jason, and Heather who combine to make the rock group, Scour.  With an in-your-face style, catchy hooks, and an old-school vibe, Scour showcases their EaRiE style for all to hear.  Check out what they have to say:


Scour, tell the EaRiE audience a little about your group and what sets you apart from the crowd.  As we like to say here, what makes you EaRiE?

Scour: With screaming guitars and catchy melodies, Scour sounds like the long awaited reconciliation of Axl Rose and Kurt Cobain, mediated by Jim Morrison.

 How long have you three been a group?  How did you meet/start?

Scour: We’ve been playing together for about 5 years.  Our old manager used to have this bs story about us meeting in a pizzaria, but we actually met on craigslist.

How did you get your band’s name, Scour?

Scour: It was on a short-list from someone no longer in the band and we liked it because it was short and easy to pronounce.

When fans listen to your music, it’s pretty easy to spot that your songs seem to have a story behind them.  Do you build your songs from life experiences, or is it something else?


Scour: The songs usually start as melodies and we start jamming them.  Eventually, some Freudian slips will come out of my (Chris) mouth and I’ll take it that my subconscious wants the song to be about whatever I said.  It could be utter crap, but I’ve come up with some lyrics that I’m really happy with by using that to prime the well.

Who writes your band’s lyrics? Is it the same person every time or does it just come as a natural collaborative effort?

Scour: Chris writes the lyrics.



Who would you say is the band’s overall biggest musical influence (past or present)?

Scour: GnR, Nirvana, The Doors



What is your favorite part of performing live?

Chris: Trying to navigate the chaos of the feedback and the unexpected.

Jason: Seeing the audience really get into our music

Heather: Just going crazy on the drums and rocking out with my best friends on stage!


What is your favorite song to perform, and why?

Chris: Bight Idea. A descent number of people in the crowd have come to know the song and they sing along. We by no means have fans everywhere, but we once had a fan sing it for me on stage.

Jason: Hideaway. We always play it early in the set & it gets the crowd goin because the energy’s so high

Heather: Lonely Eyes. It’s in your face rock, it’s the song that really gets the crowd rowdy. When I play that tune, I’m just like, lets do some shots and fight someone!




When you’re not making music, what are you doing? Any hobbies?

Chris: I like to ride my motorcycle in the canyons.

Jason: Listen to bands that have influenced me & keep inspiring me to evolve with my songwriting

Heather: Listening to vinyl, watching Netflix and drinking beers.




If you could not make or play music anymore and you had to replace it with another artform, what would it be?

Chris: Poetry

Jason: Photography

Heather: Besides music, I’m not very artistic to be honest. I’d be snowboarding if I weren’t playing music.




You all have to decide on one band (past or present) to open for in a once-in-a-lifetime gig. Who is it?

Scour: GnR




At the end of the day, what would you like fans to take away from your music? How would you like them to see Scour? An overall message?


Scour: I hope that people see raw emotion refined to the best state we could bring it.




What is the best part of being a part of the up-and-coming band Scour?

Chris: We’ve been playing together so long now that we kinda sense the direction that each other is moving in musically. I feel like the best part is just making music with good friends.

Jason:   Even though we’re familiar with each other’s styles, we still find a way to surprise each other and break new ground.

Heather: The best part of being in Scour is getting to play true rock n’ roll music with my brothers.

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