Donald Ricardo – #Guerilla Takeover

There’s a new artistic movement taking place in Northern California and it’s headed by EaRiE Core’s own, Donald Ricardo.



Donald: Guerilla Takeover is a flash of art in seemingly random places for about 30 minutes. Darnell Horton, the painting artist for Guerilla Takeover, paints a unique painting while I do a music set. Home base for Guerilla Takeover is Sacramento, CA but it travels throughout Northern California. The volume in the video above was in Davis, California for example. It’s meant to be an underground showing of the art world where people wouldn’t expect it and to splash into the community with a getaway from people’s normal day, even if for only 30 minutes.


How did you come up with the idea?

Donald: Well, I really wanted to do something to make a splash. I wanted to expand it beyond just me doing some songs in random places so I think the fact that there are two artistic things going on at once that are connected in some way makes for a cool showing. I also wanted to do something to support the notion that underground is still underground and isn’t just based on online media.

Screen shot 2014-12-18 at 3.06.37 PM

What’s your favorite thing about doing Guerilla Takeover shows?

Donald It’s hard to pick my favorite because two big things come to mind quickly. One of them is getting instant feedback from people that stop to check out the shows. The other is the feeling of satisfaction I get afterwards from creating something that is an underground movement. If I absolutely had to pick though, I’d say the good feeling that builds after every set.



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