Graffiti Ark

Graffiti Ark

38°41’36.8″N 121°25’21.3″W

A modern day ark? A version of modern oversized and misplaced art? A plain and simple forgotten boat? I found this gem of an item in North Sacramento, CA. While driving by it, it caught my eye because of its obvious location in the middle of a field and because of the attention it had obviously received by local graffiti artists. It immediately brought to mind the famous Noah’s Ark. What would a version of Noah’s Ark look like today? Anyways, this also reminded me of the art concept of oversized and misplaced art pieces scattered throughout major urban cities. Don’t know what I mean? Check out some examples93ec10155b88a9385dd5f35cbf58b5ebGraffiti ArkFlorentijn-Hoffman-Rubberduck-LA


The placement of this boat in the open field isn’t only photo worthy, it’s pretty EaRiE, I must say. Enough to make me double take, stop, snap a pic, and write about it to the world


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