We have a chat with Lisa West from Denton,Texas, better known as Faerytale.  With an amazing voice and a creative approach to original songs, covers and subtle sounds, Lisa showcases her unique sound and style that is definitely EaRiE.  Check it out:


Lisa, tell the EaRiE audience a little about yourself and what sets you apart from the crowd. As we like to say here, what makes you EaRiE?

 Faerytale: I guess growing up feeling outside of oneself can make one seem EaRiE. When you’re constantly observing everyone else’s behavior, thinking about it and internalizing it as I did in my childhood, you become a bit strange. As a teenager I had become so aware of other’s feelings and struggles, I lashed out with crazy behavior, talking constantly and just being obnoxious if only to drown out the feeling of being different. I finally embraced myself and all the “feelings”, so being EaRiE has become a natural sense of being and I am at peace.

How long have you been singing?

 Faerytale: I’ve been singing since I was young, 4 or 5 years old.

 Lisa's pipe

Most of your songs don’t have a huge instrumental element, which lets your vocals really shine. Is this a focus of yours? In other words, do you tend to view the instruments as a lead, a partner in the song, or as a follower of your vocals?

Faerytale: To be honest, I don’t feel confident playing an instrument and singing at the same time. Though I sometimes do, I try to avoid it. I feel so distracted by the music, I get lost. For me instrumentation is like a canvas with a base coat. Everything else added creates a rumination or story to chase after. This is one reason why I love collaborating. Sometimes when someone presents music for me no matter how simple or complex, it sparks a fire where I have allowed creative imaginings to pool. But usually, I have music in my head and I use vocals to express those sounds. I suppose I see the two as partners with one deferring to the other and the other replying, like dancing, breathing or responding to touch.


When choosing a song to cover, what do you look for?

Faerytale: I go by one of those “feelings”. I know it may be seem odd or maybe not. I enjoy originality so I don’t often sing covers. The ones I have done made a unique impact on me for many different reasons, thus the feeling that compels me to listen, internalize and contemplate. It may be something obscure or wildly popular, but if I sing it I know it hits a place in my soul like a tuning fork. So I do in response.


Who are your musical influences? Who did you grow up listening to? Who do you listen to currently?

Faerytale: As a child I remember my parents listening to Bob Dylan. I loved his lyrics. His words carried so much weight. He collaborated with some Christian artists at the time, so I listened to them as well. This guy, Matthew Ward, mesmerized me with his voice. My dad had some old albums of Nat King Cole I loved. I remember liking so many genres as a kid and still do. Right now I’m listening to a lot of Soundclouders. I also find listening to dub-step and glitch-hop help me get those few last reps in when I’m working out.


When you are not singing, what are you doing? Any hobbies?

Faerytale: When I’m not singing, I’m writing. I’m always filled with ideas. I have notebooks of songs, poems and thoughts. I’m pretty busy so reading is a luxury and joy. I enjoy creating multi-media art, cards for friends. I’ve made customized books with fairy tales and poems for people. I collect glass pens. For fun I use fountain and quill pens to write letters sent with wax seals. Love to smoke my “old man” pipe and drink cabernet. Now this is sounding like an advertisement.

If you couldn’t sing anymore and you had to pick another artform to express yourself, what would it be?

Faerytale: If I couldn’t sing anymore, I’d plunge myself into the depths despair, make my bed in hell, come to my senses and take my leave. Then, I’d write furiously. I’d finally start clocking in those 10, 000 hours of cello or guitar practice to adequately express the musical sounds that harrow me.



Any desires to perform live, either solo or with a group? (Or if you have already performed live: what are your favorite songs to perform live, and why)

Faerytale: I would love to perform live, solo and with a group. I’d feel safer in a group just because I wouldn’t feel the pressure of engaging everyone at once! It’s refreshing to see a concert where all of the band members are enjoying themselves and given opportunity to share the life imparted through their musical or vocal abilities. If I have the chance, I’ll perform with people who’ll want to make meaningful impressions.


When you sing, do you have any visions or sights that you envision that help you deliver the softness or soothing nature of your vocals?

Faerytale: I have mental pictures often when singing. Usually these images are the ideas for lyrics and vocal expression in the first place. Not all are soft or peaceful. I feel we sometimes are living under so much pressure with negative consequences wrought by negative actions. The weight of the past and present obscures the simple joys of simple things and the future seems so uncertain, we despair. Some times when I sing I see the part of a person that may feel exhausted, overwhelmed or even angry. In my mind, I attempt to draw out the vulnerable part and reason with it.


You’ve taken to soundcloud to post your covers and pieces and participate in the community-like culture that it represents. What have you learned from your experience with soundcloud?

Faerytale: Since beginning my musical journey on Souncloud, I’ve learned to receive kind words, encouragements and badly needed help! I had no idea what I was doing when I started. I now know a lot more about recording and sound quality. I have been given so much helpful advice for which I will always be grateful. Soundcloud is an excellent resource and its community kind, giving and definitely understanding!


At the end of the day, what would you like fans to take away from your music? How would you like them to see Faerytale? Is there an overall message?

Faerytale: I hope I am seen (or heard) for what and who I am. Who am I? Maybe listen and you’ll see (hear) or assume.

I would hope that fans of Faerytale would simply be encouraged to be, to grow, to try and understand, but if not, to be angry, fey souls, terrible, and if so, beautiful.


What is the best part of being the up-and-coming singer known as Faerytale?

Faerytale: The best part of being Faerytale is enjoying this journey in a world of creativity. I love that people are enjoying my music and grateful I am able to share it. I am having the time of my life!


Do yourself a favor and check out Faerytale’s Soundcloud page and you may find yourself occupied for hours. You’re welcome…

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