Donald Ricardo Drops A New Music Video

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Donald Ricardo drops the official music video for Now and Laters and My Pen in one video! We also have a chat with Donald about the meaning behind the video:



First off, what made you want to shoot the music video in San Francisco?

Donald: I absolutely love San Francisco and the atmosphere it embodies. So when I think of the kind of vibe I want to translate through video, San Francisco definitely represents that vibe so it was the best option that came to mind. As much as I love the city, I actually didn’t know the hotspots for scenery in SF so I had to take some pointers from someone on good spots to visit for video scenery. The spots we went to turned out to be absolutely amazing. I also feel that the vibe of the song corresponds with the creative culture of SF as well so I wanted a good match of visual for the audio.


The video seems to follow an interesting story plot. Could you explain the meaning behind the story in the video?

Donald: Well Now and Laters is a story song in itself. The beginning of the song starts off with a dialogue going back and forth with myself about what happened in a dream that I had just awoken from. The song really starts, as does the action in the video, when I start describing what the dream was about. The whole thing about the group being at the doorstep when I come to the door is supposed to be a weird situation because I was just discussing how crazy the dream was with myself and now there is a small crowd that’s asking me “so what happened next”. So I proceed to describe the dream, which supposedly takes a good majority of the day. Then I go through sort of a morphing phase to do the song My Pen, which is sort of meant to be following the dream that was discussed in the song, Now and Laters.


Were there any interesting things that happened in the video that you didn’t expect?

DonaldOf course! The biggest one was that an actress from a foreign country that was there for a new role or something and she was out exploring the city. I think it may have been Switzerland, but I’m not sure. Unfortunately I don’t remember her name either, but she was really cool and nice. (If somehow you see this article one day, comment your name in the comments!!!) But anyways, someone from my crew asks if she knows the area and so we find out her travel story. Long story short, we tell her that we’re shooting this music video and we ask her if she wants to be in the video and she wants to be in it. So now, I’ve got this beautiful actress from a foreign country in the music video! I think that’s pretty awesome in all of it’s unexpectedness. When we transitioned to the beach for more scenes, she actually came with us and we had a great time hanging out with my crew and our new guest. It was pretty amazing. Anyways, this is her here: Pointing out forein friend


What do you want your fans and viewers to take away from the songs/video?

Donald: I would like fans and viewers to take gentle reminder that life is still a playground of imagination. As children we know and believe this, but as we grow older it seems that many of us tend to lose that notion. I want this video to be seen as light-hearted and easy going.

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