• SwAy


    We have a chat with Jamie and Andrew, who make up the Canadian duo, better known as SwAy.  With a splash of mulitiple genres and an upbeat tone, they create a truly addictive sound that is truly EaRiE.  Check it out: SwAy, tell the EaRiE …

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  • Donald Ricardo – #Guerilla Takeover

    There’s a new artistic movement taking place in Northern California and it’s headed by EaRiE Core’s own, Donald Ricardo.   WHAT IS GUERILLA TAKEOVER? Donald: Guerilla Takeover is a flash of art in seemingly random places for about 30 minutes. Darnell Horton, the painting artist …

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  • Anda Volley

    Anda Volley

    We have a chat with Anda Volley, who has a rebel style that is very unique and a voice that is uniquely addictive.  Born in California, now living in Boston, Anda just released her first album entitled, Inside The Ghost Machine.  Her first single, “Laura …

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  • Faerytale


    We have a chat with Lisa West from Denton,Texas, better known as Faerytale.  With an amazing voice and a creative approach to original songs, covers and subtle sounds, Lisa showcases her unique sound and style that is definitely EaRiE.  Check it out:   Lisa, tell the …

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  • Scour


    We have a chat with Chris, Jason, and Heather who combine to make the rock group, Scour.  With an in-your-face style, catchy hooks, and an old-school vibe, Scour showcases their EaRiE style for all to hear.  Check out what they have to say:   Scour, …

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  • Musical Care

    Musical Care

    We have a chat with Ryan Jebavy, who is better known as Musical Care. Hailing from Los Angeles, he has a very creative musical style, but music isn’t the only thing that expresses Ryan. He also makes really unique videos to go along with his …

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  • Andrew Scandal

    Andrew Scandal

    We have a chat with Andrew Scandal from Boston, MA, who has a very unique musical style that features his cinematic styled voice and creative style of music.  You’ll most likely agree that he doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve heard before in 3..2..1.  Check it!  …

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