Andrew Scandal

Andrew Scandal

We have a chat with Andrew Scandal from Boston, MA, who has a very unique musical style that features his cinematic styled voice and creative style of music.  You’ll most likely agree that he doesn’t sound like anyone you’ve heard before in 3..2..1.  Check it! 


Andrew, tell the EaRiE audience a little about yourself and what sets you apart from the crowd.  As we like to say here, what makes you EaRiE?


Andrew: I wanna be Frank Sinatra on acid! I want to make things that are strange, beautiful, and heartfelt. I guess my music is about reflection, not just of what’s around me, but also of what I see in my fantasies, in the distance, on the horizon. Like the title of the album I just released, “Mosaic Mirrors”- a myriad of reflections… Sometimes I like to paint “soundscapes”. I try to paint beautiful scenes. It’s sometimes fantastical, and sometimes literal, but always with feeling, with emotion.



How long have you been making music?



Andrew: Since I started seeing strange symbols in the skies, and hearing weird sounds late at night, and something moving in that forest… So yeah, maybe 15 years?




Your music is very uniquely and creatively written.  Do you build your songs through any past experiences?  How do you construct them?


Andrew: I find songs while searching for shiny stones in the river. I see my reflection there, and it scares me! Then I usually lay down a beat, and I start singing “in tongues” over it. Literally, I sing gibberish. And the gibberish leads me to melodies and refrains, which often seem to have their own magical words, and those often become the songs.




Your songs seem so vivid.  Listeners should have no problem with imagery when listening to your songs.  Do you see your songs as images as you create them?


Andrew: Yes, they are fantasies, places, fairy-tale lands, that take me away from where I am.  Sometimes the songs are things that I just have to say. But usually they are images and colors swirling, like oil in a puddle.


Who are your musical influences?  Who did you grow up listening to?  Who are you listening to currently?


Andrew: Honestly, I never really listened to music much when I was a kid. We weren’t a very musical family. But at night my father would drink whiskey and play Beethoven so loud on our front porch, the neighbors would call the cops on him. So I got into old and new artists roughly at the same time- Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Bjork, Animal Collective, Beirut, LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, Youth Lagoon, Grimes, Yeasayer. Right now there’s an amazing artist in South Africa named John Wizards. Beautiful electronic music.


598b94_854e7072ea7948ae9bab8975e3379ac1.jpg_srz_304_455_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzYou are releasing a new project entitled, “Mosaic Mirrors” in early February.  Tell the EaRiE audience a little about what went into making it.  What did you try to accomplish with it?


Andrew: A lot of beautiful happiness and terrible pain went into making it. Vistas of beauty and lungs full of smoke. Hearts filled with blood and heads filled with chemicals…  And a laptop! It’s a reflection of the past year of work. I don’t think I’m trying to “accomplish” anything with it, other than hoping people will enjoy it. For me, it’s just about capturing those sounds in my head, those reflections in the river, that oil in the puddle. I try to make it interesting, and do it with feeling, with heart. To be a soulful “space-case”, an electro-Sinatra tripping on Mars. I guess my greater goal is, I’d love to be able to spend all my time making beautiful music. So buy the album!! You won’t regret it, I hope!



When you are not singing or playing music, what are you doing?  Any Hobbies?



Andrew: I like to build secret escape-tunnels. I also am currently searching for hidden mountain caves. I like to stare at campfires, and glowing cities. I enjoy cheap food from across the world. And I love going places that I’ve never been. And long walks on the beach… Just kidding! (well actually long walks on the beach are nice)



If you could not make or play music anymore and you had to pick another artform to express yourself, what would it be?


Andrew: I would probably want to make movies. Crazy, scary, colorful, beautiful movies. Painting is cool, but I can’t paint to save my life, I can barely write my own name. Seriously, my writing looks like I’m 6 and I’ve got the shakes from withdrawal.





At the end of the day, what would you like fans to take away from your music?  How would you like them to see Andrew Scandal?  Is there an overall message?


Andrew: I only hope that they will enjoy it. That the beat makes them move, and the sounds take them somewhere, and the words both mean something, and also let them write their own stories to it. I guess if there is an overall message, to quote a friend, it’s to “Keep your heart up”.



What is the best part of being the up-and-coming artist known as Andrew Scandal?


Andrew: Hearing people tell me what my music means to them. It’s an honor to me.

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