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You’ll realize that, through life, there are people who will encourage you; and there are people who will discourage you. There are people who will want to help you and there are people who will want to hurt you. People will want to be on your team, and people who will want to break your team apart. The more boldly you stand for your own world’s flag, the more people will join you. It may take time, a lot of time. But it’s only because they will be as cautious and careful as you are. They will still be in representation of their own perceptions but they’ll gravitate towards you and you will all grow as a collective. A collective of worlds. A collective of perceptions. A collective of individuals. A collective of artists. Like I said, they will all still be themselves in the process. But you’ll come to find out that you have created something like your own universe. And as that universe, you will be one

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EaRiE Core

Sacramento, CA

United States

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